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Borne out of necessity from over a decade spent in professional services and enterprise sales, we saw the stark reality of content-led customer engagement moments failing to hit the mark.

Innovation centres, conference halls, boardrooms and Zoom calls filled with executive-level clients yet no reliable way to capture content performance or audience member level engagement. Millions of dollars spent on hundreds of events each year with just surveys and handshakes to measure the ROI.

There had to be a better way. There is. That's Superslide.

Superslide started with a simple mission: make presentations impactful through data-driven insights. We exist to help you answer one critical question, What's your super slide?

Superslide enables Events, Sales and Success teams to capture actionable insights to increase the performance of their content and, gain visibility to the areas of engagement and individual needs of their customer audiences.

Today, our users span all major sectors, from Technology and Financial Services, to Health Sciences, Professional Services and more. They see lead volumes and quality rising, more deals closing and, new customers activating faster and being retained for longer.

Our diverse team is spread across Singapore, Australia and Romania. We value diversity of perspective, education and experience, and bring together business experience from big consulting with seasoned product design and engineering. Technology meets people, in the real world, with data.

If you'd like to join or partner with us, please get in touch. Our door is always open to rocking talent and bold ideas.
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