Behaviour driven insights.

The easiest audience slide viewer and download tool. Actionable insights based on what people actually do, not what they say.
How it works
Upload presentation
Upload your final presentation in PDF. This is the copy that the audience will view, download and share.
Select slides to share
Select which slides you want to be accessible. Sometimes you don't want to hand over a slide because the content is sensitive. You can also add links to other sources, for example to tools, templates, white papers.
Download and add tracking QR codes
Download zip file to your computer. It contains the QR codes with trackers built in. Drag and drop into the presentation slides you will present.
Present like a Rockstar...
Present like normal. Remember the audience has a copy of the PDF version, so if you make changes you'll need to re-upload your presentation or edit it if you have Pro.
... meanwhile, the audience downloads as you speak
The audience can view, download and share your slides during the live event (or anytime if the webinar is recorded). They get the slide or slides they want. You learn what they care about.
Get a performance report
24 hours after the event (sooner if you have Pro) you'll get a report of all the audience engagement with your content. Slide views and slide downloads, with leads. The report will be sent to your email and be available in your Dashboard. Your reports always have the most up to date data, ideal for webinar recordings.
Action the insights
Knowledge is power. Data-driven marketing impact reports, marketing to sales workflows, personalised event follow up, analyse messaging resonance, and improve your content. Capture value like never before.
Case Study: Technical and Solution Pre-Sales
Customer Situation
A global professional services firm wanted to engage Director and Executive-level audiences of priority clients on certain hot topics across emerging technology and non-financial reporting.
Superslide Use Case
Superslide was used to capture and discern topics of greater or lesser concern for the board members and executives. Each subject matter expert was given their personalised presentation performance report immediately following the client session.
Business Impact
The Sales Consultants were able to identify key trends in topic relevance including a 230% higher level of engagement on a specific topic as well as the specific individuals to whom and on what they needed to follow up based on demonstrated interest.
Case Study: New Customer Onboarding
Customer Situation
A global SaaS provider saw the demand on their Onboarding and Training teams increasing but user activation and retention metrics declining - hinting at a need to rethink their training offerings.
Superslide Use Case
Superslide was used to guide and support new users to explore the platform feature set and, identify and register for progressive training modules that best fit their needs.
Business Impact
The customer saw uplift to training program satisfaction and user activation rates, and improved lead volumes for feature upgrades as well as generating insight to platform module demand.
Experience the Difference
Superslide is the only lightweight tool purpose build for speakers, teams and businesses running content-led presentations. Giving you unprecedented control, granularity and insight, with a flexible contract.
Purpose-build for content-led presentations
Real time slide download
Download only select slides
Detailed engagement analytics you can drill into
Leads with engagement activity
100+ other things for audience interaction (e.g. live polls, Q&A)
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