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Performance Analytics for Experts, Speakers & Presenters

Know how your content is performing with audience member level content engagement tracking for your presentations on webinars and at live events, anywhere.
What's your super slide?
Speaking in webinars and delivering your main stage keynotes can feel like presenting in the dark. But it doesn't have to be that way. Your time and expertise is valuable, and now you can get performance analytics to generate a greater return on each and every one of your presentations.

Superslide gives you granular insight to the engagement of your audience and performance of your content. Superslide tracks every content view, download, share, and comment by each audience member and delivers you a detailed report right after you step off stage.
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Top use cases
Superslide brings the power of data to all the presentations you deliver, wherever you are.
  • Keynote Addresses
    Suitable for both in-person events and webinars. Learn what's in demand. Optimise your slide content and messaging.
  • Customer Briefings
    For presentations with content worth stealing, like stats, graphs, templates and frameworks. Build richer buyer profiles.
  • Sales Presentations
    Effortless for attendees to download slides and get links to resources and paid offerings in the moment. Generate quality leads.
Customer Success Story
Superslide your Presentations to Decision Makers
Customer Situation
A global professional services firm wanted to engage Board and Executive-level audiences of priority clients on certain hot topics across Emerging Technology and Non-Financial Reporting.
Superslide Use Case
Superslide was used to capture and discern topics of greater or lesser concern for the Board members and Executives. Each subject matter expert was given their personalised presentation performance report immediately following the client session.
Business Impact
The Sales Consultants were able to identify key trends in topic relevance including a 230% higher level of engagement on one specific topic as well as the piroity individuals to whom and on what they needed to follow up based on demonstrated interest.
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  • Audience Engagement
    Make it easy for your audiences to access the content they want and quickly find more information on what you are presenting. No passwords or clunky codes required.
  • Content Performance
    As a presenter, understand content sources of attention at an individual level. Know exactly which messaging is working, with whom. Drive optimisations and follow on opportunities.
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Performance analytics for every presentation using the slide maker you prefer
Start capturing analytics on any slide presentation when using your favourite presentation makers - including Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and Canva Presentations.
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