Quality leads from every slide

Audience engagement and behavioural insights for webinars, presentations and events.
Get actionable insights, fast.
No surveys, no guess work, no piles of business cards, and no cold leads. Just deep behavioural insights, integrated into your automated marketing and sales workflows.
Stop asking and guessing. Get high signal, behaviour insights, now.
Understand sources of attention and interest at an individual level.
Content performance.
Wonder which slides people are trying to steal? Use QR technology to know exactly what content is in demand. Continuously improve your presentation through data-driven insights to increase the impact of your messaging and maximise both lead volume and lead quality.
Audience engagement.
Go beyond static content and linear storylines. Enrich your audience experience with supporting content and give the freedom to explore the topics they care about. Deepen engagement and capture greater insight to individual needs and wants..
Don't waste a second. With SlideshowPro all prospects are added to your CRM and audience insights are made available in your automated marketing platform. Keep the engagement going with your prospects and convert those hot leads into sales.
Top use cases
Slideshow delivers the power of data to all your presentations and client content touchpoints
Keynote Speeches
Derive tangible ROI from your next speaking spot instead of handshakes and brand impressions.
Pre-Sales Education and Training
Deepen your stakeholder mapping with granular insights to individual hot topics and key themes.
Trade shows, Conferences and Expos
Event-wide audience behaviour and engagement analytics to understand intent and needs.
Company Events and Town Halls
Understand your employees' needs, wants and concerns to drive change or key initiatives forward.
Community Meetups and Webinars
Heighten your senses for new feature demand and growth opportunities during community calls.
Interactive Signage and Instalations
Turn any static, un-manned asset into a powerful prospecting tool that engages viewers 24h x 7d.
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