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The easiest slide download software and content performance insights. For webinars and presentations.
What's your super slide?
Webinars can feel like presenting in the dark. Superslide your presentation to get granular insights on audience engagement based on actual slide views and downloads.
Effortless slide download
Make it easy for the audience to download the slide they want. No log in, no clunky codes.
Audience engagement
As a presenter, understand sources of attention at an individual level. Know exactly what content is in demand.
Case study: covid-19 hardship relief webinar
A financial services organisation wanted to help their business banking clients stay informed during difficult times. The events team used SuperSlide to run webinars explaining what the government stimulus meant for their small to medium sized businesses. They used the interactive elements of SuperSlide to make tools and cashflow forecast templates available. These were the most downloaded slides.

By analysing the slide interactions, the bank could get a sense of whether the customers where just seeking information or actually experiencing hardship. Follow up was targeted, personal, and relevant.
Slide views, downloads and links
Top use cases
Slideshow delivers the power of data to all your presentations and client content touchpoints
Suitable for both live and recorded webinars. Optimise content and messaging. Qualified leads and personalised next best actions.
Effortless for attendees to download slides and get links to templates and resources in the moment. Learn exactly what materials are in demand.
For presentations with content worth stealing, like graphs, templates and diagrams. Learn what your audience is hungry for.
The only lightweight tool purpose build for speakers, teams and businesses running content-led presentations. Giving you unprecedented control, granularity and insight, with a flexible contract.
Purpose-build for content-led presentations
Real time slide download
Download only select slides
Detailed engagement analytics you can drill into
Leads with engagement activity
100+ other things for audience interaction (e.g. live polls, Q&A)
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