3 Ways to 'Read' the Hybrid Room
APRIL, 7 / 2021
Hybrid meetings are set to become the new normal. Research predicts that as much as 98% of future meetings will include one remote participant.

This creates a new challenge for presenters: how to 'read the room' when it is made up of physical and virtual participants?

Usually, you can tell from body language. Are they leaning in? Listening intently? But it is difficult to get a read on a person when they are just a small icon in the corner of a screen.

SuperSlide is one of the tools that can help you identify engagement (and disengagement). It creates powerful new ways for the audience to connect. Your audience can proactively engage by using the simple QR codes to:
1. Access extra content
3. Request a follow up
3. Follow through to a call to action.
This is empowering for audience members, no matter where they are.

As a presenter or meeting organiser, it also gives you powerful data insights. Look through event analytics to find out what each audience member cared about. Learn if silence means they are disinterested, or in fact just aren't able - or comfortable - to speak up. SuperSlide gives you the tools to include your audience and follow up in a targeted, meaningful way.

Tips for Using SuperSlide

It's easy to convert your presentation into a SuperSlide.

1. Once your presentation deck is final, upload.
2. Download ready to go QR codes, with the analytics baked in.
3. Drag and drop the QR code back into your slide deck.
So, what's your super slide?
Today, Superslide users span companies from all major sectors, from Technology startups and Financial Services, to Professional Services and more. They see lead volumes and quality rising, more deals closing and, customers activating faster and being retained for longer.

They've found their Superslide, have you? Get started with Superslide today. And start getting Buyer Signals on all your presentations.

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